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November 16, 2006


Equally Amazed

I'm kind of amazed at the absolute cluelessness of some of these comments. All of these schools are still public schools. They are judged by the same standards as public schools, they are accountable to the Chicago Board of Education.

Yes, they have a greater amount of autonomy than a traditional public school, but are also susceptible to having their charters revoked every five years. Furthermore, if they are not performing at some level they also risk losing the private funding they depend upon to operate.

And these buildings are not being given away. In most cases, these operators are provided with short term leases which include paying over $1000 per student back to CPS for building maintenence and untilities.

And please don't start spouting off standardized assessment results as a reason for closing any schools, including these types of schools. There are many other factors to consider: graduation rates, college attendance, drop-out rates, incidences of violence, attendance, parent satisfaction, etc.

If traditional public schools were doing the job, no one would be asking for or supporting these schools. And eventually, if these schools don't get the job done they will inevitably be replaced as well. In the meantime, let's at least wait until there's some credible evidence that points either way.


As someone who worked in a charter last year and at 2 this year, I can tell you that there is NO oversite by CPS. The schools are free to do what they want. Parents do not realize that a charter is not a private school nor do many administrators or teachers. Charter organizations are given more than one school without the first school showing promise. Many of the organizations have political connections. I would suggest that Equally Amazed spend time in these school before talking about how they have to prove themselves.

n. thomas

Equallyamazed. If you would do some independent research on standardized test results you could answer your own questions and not have to wait. Just for example. There is only one charter high school that has made annual yearly progress (AYP) and that is noble High School. There are three charter high schools that have missed AYP for six year and should be facing drastic measures like closing. Collins was closed based on these accountability standards. ACT charter high school submitted a proposal for renewal of its contract. After the charter committee reviewed its peerformance they recommended Board not re-new. The Board put the decision on hold and at a later meeting approved ACT for an additional three years. This is public information in the school board reports held each month.

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